Desert and Denim - 2017

We had such an incredible experience at this year's desert and denim. This "renegade tradeshow" in its third year and was open to the public for the first time. It was really wonderful to see everyone interacting with our fireplaces in such an authentic setting.

Modfire was proud to be one of the extraordinary brands showcased who were offering really great work.

Made new friends, got inspired and resonated with this tribe. The Looking forward to an even bigger Desert and Denim in 2018


Our all aluminum Firestream was right at home and got a lot of love


Wander with friends out in the wild and gather by the fire


A perfect place to showcase our striking new fireplace the Hellfire


Yeah...that's me posing like a proud Dad over my new creation.  

 Swapping stories and telling tales are always better by a fire, especially when there's a Range Rover in the mix 

Swapping stories and telling tales are always better by a fire, especially when there's a Range Rover in the mix 


Till Next Year... 

Modfire Celebrates Six Years

Six years ago today the Modfire fireplace shifted from an interesting idea to an actual working prototype. Vision became real. A tangible form crafted in steel. My heart raced as I sanded the last seam. I didn't know what this would all become, just that I satisfied my soul in the act of doing. Loving the process, feeling the metal bend to my will. In that moment, this iconic shape would define the Modfire aesthetic and launch a company that would change the idea of what a fireplace could be. I wouldn't have gotten very far had it not been for that guy next to me, Martin Young, my founding business partner. His brilliance brought all the other aspects of the company together and help launch a Wildfire. I'm so grateful that Modfire company has grown and evolved over those six years with spectacular new designs while maintaining the quality that only comes from hand crafting each piece. Today I'm celebrating the American dream, a place where you can still take an idea, make it your own and turn it into something special. Thank you to all of my fans and supporters for loving Modfire as much a I do.

 Brandon Williams and Martin Young - Modfire Co-Founders

Brandon Williams and Martin Young - Modfire Co-Founders

 Hand Crafted and American Made

Hand Crafted and American Made

Turning Up the Heat at Modernism Week!

We packed the truck, hitched the Airstream and made our yearly trek to the desert to help celebrate the modern spirit at Palm Spring's Modernism Week.

This year we had a great booth space at The Camp and the folks running the show asked us if we could supply some fireplaces for the main schmoozing area, to which we excitedly obliged. 

The fireplaces ended up being a great addition to the space since the desert has some chilly nights in the winter. All in all it was a blast and another very successful Modernism Week. Thank you to everyone who stopped by to say hello.

See you all next year!