How do your items ship?

All of our Modfire products ship freight carrier and are crated and shipped on standard pallets.

After placing your order, the shipping company will contact you to schedule a time to drop off your delivery. For this reason, it’s extremely important to provide your main contact number at the time of check out.

 Lift-gate service is available (for an extra fee) for many of our standard pallet items. This platform is installed at the rear of the truck to expedite the process of unloading your package. As always, the driver will take your delivery off the truck for you, but it is your responsibility to bring it onto your property.

What if there is damage?

Please take a few minutes to examine the exterior of your package for any visible damage. In the unlikely instance that you recognize damage, remember to note it on the Proof of Delivery (POD) slip that you’ll receive from the driver. Please contact us so we can file the claim.

How difficult is a Modfire to uncrate?

  • Modfire, Bonfire:

It takes approximately 30 min to uncrate and set up your Modfire fireplace. You will need a power drill or screwdriver to remove the screws holding the front panel on. Remove instruction packet and burner kit (if applicable) from the burn bowl. 

If you want to remove the crate at this point, unscrew the mounting plates and slide the crate off. Then using a 5/16” socket and ratchet, take out the bolts holding the fireplace down to the pallet. Remove fireplace from pallet.

  • Astrofire, Solfire

Using either a power drill or screwdriver, remove screws holding the top of the crate. Take out any items from firebox area. Unscrew spindle from center of the unit. If you want to separate the crate at this point from the pallet, unscrew the mounting plates and lift the crate off. Remove the fireplace from pallet.

  • Base Unit, Modpod

Using either a power drill or screwdriver, remove screws holding the top of the crate. Lift the lid (Modpod) or open access door (Base Unit) and unscrew the shipping screws. If you want to take off the crate at this point, unscrew the mounting plates and lift the crate. Remove tank hider from pallet.


How long does it take to make my Modfire?

All of our Modfire pieces are made to order. Since every piece is made by the artist it usually takes 4 weeks to fabricate and finish. Occasionally, more time is necessary to complete your order, especially during busy seasonal times. Once your Fireplace is crated we will e-mail tracking information. Shipping can take anywhere between 1-5 days depending on your proximity to our Phoenix AZ. studio.

What kind of finish do you use?

Depending on the fuel source we offer two different finishes.

Our vibrant colored fireplaces use a specially formulated high-temperature paint that will withstand a fire burning up to 500 degrees. The finish consists of a primer, color coat and clear-coat. Most propane or natural gas fires burn at 350-400 degrees, and that allows us to offer such rich colors suitable for lower temperatures. This is a special hi-temp finish that expands and contracts with the metal underneath; therefore it will get soft when at temperature as it is designed to do. It is important not to touch or try and wipe or clean your fireplace until it is completely cool. 

Our wood burning fireplaces are offered in a rich charcoal color. This robust finish is an ultra-high temperature powder coat that withstands 650 degrees and is suitable for the higher temperature fluctuations of a wood burning fire, usually between 400-550 degrees.

Our Astrofire models are the only colored fireplaces we offer in a wood-burning model. The Modfire and Bonfire are available for wood burning in our charcoal finish only.

How long is the hose assembly that comes with your propane model and can you regulate the fire height with what is included?

All propane Modfire products come with a 10ft. hose assembly and include a quick-on regulator with and adjustable needle valve to control gas flow from full on to full off.


How do I set up my fireplace for use?

Pretty straightforward, it takes roughly 15 min to get your fireplace going, and it’s simple, our instructions (included and online) are easy to follow, you can set up your Modfire with only a crescent wrench.

How do I care for and maintain my Modfire fireplace?

When Modfire fireplace gets dirt or debris on the surface, wait until it cools completely. Clean the surface using a soft lint free cloth and Windex or similar product. Spray both the fireplace and cloth generously with Windex.  Wipe down your fireplace, and be careful to keep the cloth and fireplace surface wet. If you do not keep the surface wet while cleaning, the paint will tend to scratch. Let fireplace air-dry.

My fireplace has some soot on it; will it come off? Can you recommend a product to clean it?

Some sooting will naturally occur. However, I have found that a magic eraser micro-abrasive sponge and water or Clorox bleach cleaning spray will remove quite a bit of residue and grime. Flood sponge with bleach spray or water and wipe lightly in a circular motion. PLEASE NOTE: the magic eraser can dull the clear finish if you apply too much pressure when wiping, so please be careful when using this product.

Can I leave my fireplace outside year round?

Yes, our fireplaces are made to live outdoors and they will perform just as well as any other painted product that stays outside (we do offer a cover for your Modfire products). If your painted outdoor items fair well, your Modfire will too, If you have a heavy snow season or regular rainy weather, or If you live near the ocean (obviously salt can degrade things pretty quickly), we recommend our corrosion protection package available at checkout. That adds a durable powder-coat undercoating to the fireplace in addition to the regular finish applied (paint or powder coat).

Can I use a cover other than the one you offer?

Yes, however, doing so will void your Modfire warranty. Unfortunately several clients have used plastic covers on their fireplaces with terrible results. Our covers are made from durable sunbrella fabric and are vented to allow for air circulation. Besides our covers are handmade by 4 Amish gals in Wisconsin, Don’t you want to keep them working? We bet you can imagine them toiling by candlelight making awesome covers for your Modfire?

Do you make a grill or food attachment of some kind?

We don’t. We love grilling but it gets messy with all the dripping grease and caked on carbon bits. That's not fun or easy to clean off, especially since you'll have to scrub pretty hard, and doing that will scratch the artistry and mod-ness right out of your fireplace. So, we suggest limiting your food items to roasted marshmallows and hot dogs, both of which are plenty delicious on their own. So please leave all the culinary heavy lifting to your Weber.