The Spark


It started simply enough. My son Kingston loves toasted marshmallows. Like most 3 year-olds, he isn’t concerned with how the marshmallows get toasted. He just wants the warm, sticky sugar goodness.

Not so with me. I love the caramelized treats as much as Kingston, but felt that if we were going to have this experience together as a family, it should be pleasing to our other senses as well – the sound of a crackling fire, the warmth of the flames on a cool night, and the beauty of a fire feature that complements the rest of our outdoor space. A complete experience for the whole family.

We needed something in the backyard that we could love for a lifetime. A place to create unforgettable moments.

And so I started the frustrating search for an outdoor fireplace that would complement the back patio of our 50’s ranch home in Phoenix. The usual offerings were, frankly, sad and uninspired. How could this be? No one made a cool, modern, outdoor fire feature in the USA?

And that is when my brain kicked into design mode. An image kept popping into my head… and suddenly this little silhouette became positively etched in my mind. It kept showing up in sketches around my house, pinned to the fridge, tacked to my studio wall. Those little drawings and a strong desire to create something better for my own family became the launching point for the Modfire fireplaces.

I believe in moments of divine inspiration. The best designs make your pulse quicken, speak to your soul and come into existence almost effortlessly. I admit taking something from a sketch to physical form requires some wrangling, there are always surprises, but in the end crafting an object with the ability to contain such a primitive, chaotic element in a shape so sleek and modern… well, that speaks pretty deeply to the duality of my artistic nature.

It also turns out to be perfect for toasting marshmallows.

Brandon Williams – Designer/Fabricator





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