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Thank yous all around

First, we’d like to thank all the wonderful people at Dwell Magazine for a great show experience last week in Los Angeles. It was our first time on the circuit and we had an exceptional time.

We also can’t say enough good things about all the people we met – designers, architects, consumers and other exhibiters all made our rookie outing a great success. We met so many amazingly talented people. We’ve tweeted about several of them and have great memories of many more.


Three guys and a booth

Our first attempt at booth creation turned out to be a success thanks to several late nights from Brandon and David, we had great signage, pedestals for the Modfires and mounted images for the walls. Brandon even hurried along production on our new ethanol burner kit so we could burn environmentally friendly ethanol in our large red Modfire during the show. Marty, of course, flew in the night before the show just after all the work was complete. Timing is everything.

So much talent!

Days at the show were a whirlwind of meeting people and talking about Modfire. When not in the booth repeating the well worn story of how Modfire came to be or reeling off technical details about steel gauges, paint temperature ratings, and the properties of different fuel sources, we took a few minutes to wander the show floor and meet some of the other exhibitors. This show was inspiring in the sheer volume of talent packed into one (albeit very large) room. There are far too many cool products to list, but one of our favorites were Kismet tiles from Tracey Reinberg. These Moroccan cement tiles were a great accompaniment to our 7′ natural steel Modfire in the outdoor exhibit (pictured, right).

They like us. They really like us.

The cherry on our entire experience was the unexpected pleasure of winning the award for Best Furniture or Accessory Design (pictured, left with the designer, Brandon). It was truly humbling given the level of talent surrounding us at the show. We’ll try not to let it go to our heads  😉





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