Blue Modfire Modern Outdoor Fireplace

Each Modfire is crafted in the same Arizona studio where we designed the very first one for our own patio. Modfire was born and raised in the USA, and each Modfire product is hand-crafted with the passion and quality that can only come from being American-made. Typically a single artisan will work with a Modfire through the entire manufacturing process – ensuring that each weld is firm and each curve is smooth.

We founded our steel studio to create custom installations and furniture for high-end residential and commercial projects. Each individual piece had to be perfectly formed as a unique element of the overall design. There was no room for error.

We bring that same sense of detail to our Modfire Collection. These are not mass produced assembly line cutouts. We individually craft each piece by hand,  a metal artist is involved in the production of every component. Each one has its own personality. The quality we strive for is not of a manufactured fireplace – stamped out by machines, but of a hand-crafted functional sculpture.


Our flagship product was born from our struggle to improve the design of our own outdoor space. We found in the end that designing and crafting our own American-made fireplace was the only option to truly get at what we were looking for. It is a modern ode to the ancient campfire – a place to gather with friends and family, share stories of our life and our dreams, and enjoy good food and drink. We have enjoyed the warmth in the evenings and the bold design elements during the day.

That original design has evolved into a collection of products, each one adding refinement and functionality to the original design. Detailed information about each of these products is available in our online store.

Each of our products is crafted in our Phoenix, AZ studio and each one passes through the hands of one of our steel artisans, ensuring that they are unique, sculptural in their beauty, and functional in their use.

Red Modfire Modern Outdoor Fireplace

Design and Dimensions

The ModFire Collection is manufactured from 14 gauge rolled steel. They are hand-rolled into a sleek cone designed to both direct the heat and provide a beautiful modern centerpiece for your outdoor space.

Each one is then finished in the Modfire studio by one of our steel artisans. Seams are welded and smoothed, the distinctive openings are hand-formed, and the finish is applied.

Our painted finishes include multiple layers of high-temperature paint to seal and protect the steel. The Charcoal finish for our wood burning models is an ultra- high temperature powder -coat specially developed to look like darkened natural steel. It offers outstanding protection from the elements.

Each Modfire is unique and will have slight variations in size and finishing. In general, they measure about 22″ in diameter at the base, 9″ at the top and stand 48″. Average weight is about 65 lbs. We do also make a customized 7 foot tall version. Contact us if you are interested in the larger size.

Orange Modfire Modern Outdoor Fireplace

Fuel Options

The Modfire Collection is now offered in wood-burning, propane, natural gas and ethanol fuel options.

The wood-burning model has a removable firebowl to make it easy to dispose of and clean the ash.

Propane versions come with a star burner that is mounted to the firebowl. A 10′ length of flex-hose makes it easy to attach to your propane tank (Modfire uses a standard 20lb propane tank like the one used for most residential gas grills). We also make a Modpod to cleverly conceal your tank in a functional end table.

Covering the propane burner with either lava rock or fire glass is a great way to disperse the flame and add a customized touch.

We recommend working with a licensed contractor if you plan to run natural gas plumbing for a permanent installation. We are always happy to work with your contractor to insure that you have the correct fittings for your particular installation. Please contact us to discuss those options.


Your Modfire

Ready to experience Modfire for yourself? You can pick out your own American-made masterpiece in our online store and support a growing local business!



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